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Working on Hoof Mitts

Ponies need shoes too.

Hoof mitts are available on the web. There are a few latex hoof mitts out there (and i do love latex) but it seemsto be  no good supply of leather pony mitts. Puppies have many options for paws, but ponies have to shoe themselves. my goal it to change that.

So, i have started working on a prototype fore hoof. i hope to be able to sell these in the future through Shadowforge.

Design: my plan is to have a heavy leather hoof shell (with horseshoe) on a padded leather mitt with lockable strap and extra Dee rings (extra attachment points are good 🙂 )

So far, i have made the prototype’s hoof shell and am working on the mitt portion.


Now, time to break out the sewing machine.


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