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Field Expedient Bit & Bridle

Awhile ago i came across The Veterinarian’s artwork.  i have always like his imagery. (Veterinarian on deviantart)


Recently, my Trainer and i decided to try out the “Easy Ponygirl Bitgag“.  Looking around the house, i found some paracord and a 3/8” wood dowel.  It took me longer to whittle the notches in the wood (about 10 minutes) than it took to tie  the harness. I opted for using keyrings instead of knot loops.

Field Expedient Bit & Bridle Field Expedient Bit & Bridle

The bit is held tightly in the mouth.  The bridle stays securely on the head, even through a fair amount head shaking.

My Trainer liked the idea of a bridle that could be get wet, dirty and be easily cleaned, so she challenged me to make a sturdier version. i came up with this:

Braided Paracord Bridle by Shadowforge

Yay, colours; though i still like OD green for when i have to be a tactical pony.


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