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Coming Soon to Shadowforge: Hoof Mitts

An update to: 19 JAN: Working on Hoof Mitts

I have finished the prototype (Mk2) hooves. I decided to change from a padded mitt to a covering strap due to lack of a leather rated sewing machine.

The current design:

Hoof wall and sole are made of heavy leather (~10oz) and are stitched together with waxed linen thread.  It is shoed with a St Croix Forge steel horseshoe (Lite Rim size 0) and Capewell nails.  The inside has a padded suede base. The suede pastern and cuff loops are attached with brass chicago screws (with blue LOCTITE).

The cuff is 1.75in wide with a center bar roller buckle. The cuffs should fit wrists up to 8.5″ around. A heavy-gauge D-ring provides a point of attachment.

Shonw here are Bone colored hoofs with chestnut pasterns and black cuffs.

Hoof Mitts Mk2

Me doing Mitt Puppets.

Me doing Mitt Puppets.

Production options include (depending on what my leather suppler has available at the time):

  • Hoof Colors Options: Black, Brown, or Bone (pinkish, seen above)
  • Pastern Color Options: Black, Brown, Chestnut, Tan, Grey Suede
  • Cuff Color Option: Black, Brown, and Natural Color.

Custom modifications may be possible depending on material availability.

Field Expedient Bit & Bridle

Awhile ago i came across The Veterinarian’s artwork.  i have always like his imagery. (Veterinarian on deviantart)


Recently, my Trainer and i decided to try out the “Easy Ponygirl Bitgag“.  Looking around the house, i found some paracord and a 3/8” wood dowel.  It took me longer to whittle the notches in the wood (about 10 minutes) than it took to tie  the harness. I opted for using keyrings instead of knot loops.

Field Expedient Bit & Bridle Field Expedient Bit & Bridle

The bit is held tightly in the mouth.  The bridle stays securely on the head, even through a fair amount head shaking.

My Trainer liked the idea of a bridle that could be get wet, dirty and be easily cleaned, so she challenged me to make a sturdier version. i came up with this:

Braided Paracord Bridle by Shadowforge

Yay, colours; though i still like OD green for when i have to be a tactical pony.


Shadowforge is Open for Business.


Shadowforge Farrier & Tack Supply* is open for business.

Shadowforge Etsy Storefront

The goal of my store is to sell ponyplay gear that i create.

Right now, i am selling Braided Cord Bridles.  i decided to make these bridles to sell to people that want low-priced custom ponyplay tack.

In the future i hope to offer other specialty items like hoof mitts and boots (hopefully).