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Pony Pride Flag

Item: Pony Pride Flag
Manufacturer: Unknown
Source: www.amazon.com


While searching for Pony Play Pride flags, i came across one on amazon for cheap. So i ordered it.


The flag arrived today. it is nice. It’s made of lightweight synthetic fabric.


It has metal grommets and hemmed edges.

This flag will be perfect for pony play evens i go to, but i don’t think i’ll be flying it for extended amounts of time outside at home. i don’t know how it will handle the wind (and we get a lot of it here) or the sun (we get a lot of that too).

A while

Its been a bit since i posted. i hope to post some more soon.

Collared Eternity

Item: Stainless Steel Collar
Manufacturer: Eternity Collars
Source: www.eternitycollars.com


Years ago, i purchased a collar from a little workshop in San Diego. (I actual bought a collar, bracelet, and anklet)  It was a Stainless steel round collar that locked in place with an hex screw.

i love the weight and fell of the steel. Recently, i noticed it had shrank a little and decided to purchase a new one. The new one arrive in the mail today.

The packaging was discrete (for those that that matters to). Inside: a black box.



And inside the black box? a black velvet bag (and a little plastic bag). 20150202_EC_OpenedBox2

I pulled the collar out of the bag and immediately noticed the shininess. My old one had aquired a “brushed” look over the years, as i wear it with the D/O ring.20150202_EC_OpenedBox20150202_EC_Contents

The little plastic bag contained the hex key and two extra screws. The hex key is a nice improvement over the old ‘L’ key. While inspecting the collar i found Eternity’s mark:


20150202_EC_MakersMarkThe new collar is a little thinner and is lighter even though it’s a larger circumference.

Old New
Circumference 16.5 in  18.5 in
 Mass  245 grams  200 grams
 Thickness  ~0.373 in ~0.314 in

Here are some comparison photos:






Black & Silver/Grey Braided Cord Bridle


For a customer: Braided Cord Bridle with Bit by Shadowforge

Two Color Braid: Black & Silver-Grey.


Shadowforge Farrier & Tack Supply

Working on Hoof Mitts

Ponies need shoes too.

Hoof mitts are available on the web. There are a few latex hoof mitts out there (and i do love latex) but it seemsto be  no good supply of leather pony mitts. Puppies have many options for paws, but ponies have to shoe themselves. my goal it to change that.

So, i have started working on a prototype fore hoof. i hope to be able to sell these in the future through Shadowforge.

Design: my plan is to have a heavy leather hoof shell (with horseshoe) on a padded leather mitt with lockable strap and extra Dee rings (extra attachment points are good 🙂 )

So far, i have made the prototype’s hoof shell and am working on the mitt portion.


Now, time to break out the sewing machine.

Shadowforge is Open for Business.


Shadowforge Farrier & Tack Supply* is open for business.

Shadowforge Etsy Storefront

The goal of my store is to sell ponyplay gear that i create.

Right now, i am selling Braided Cord Bridles.  i decided to make these bridles to sell to people that want low-priced custom ponyplay tack.

In the future i hope to offer other specialty items like hoof mitts and boots (hopefully).

Shadowfax’s Flickr

Shadowfax’s Flickr

There’s no photos yet, but here’s my flickr page.

New to blogging.

Hi. Just so i can say i did something:

i decided to start this blog to archive my experiences in a new endeavor.

“Ponyplay is a form of human animal role play that draws on multiple elements of BDSM and often includes both obvious (e.g. restraints, bits (type of gag), harnesses, etc.) and more subtle forms of domination and submission.” cpony (http://www.cpony.com/home/)

i’ll type more when i untangle my thoughts.  Hopefully this is sooner rather than later.