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Collared Eternity

Item: Stainless Steel Collar
Manufacturer: Eternity Collars
Source: www.eternitycollars.com


Years ago, i purchased a collar from a little workshop in San Diego. (I actual bought a collar, bracelet, and anklet)  It was a Stainless steel round collar that locked in place with an hex screw.

i love the weight and fell of the steel. Recently, i noticed it had shrank a little and decided to purchase a new one. The new one arrive in the mail today.

The packaging was discrete (for those that that matters to). Inside: a black box.



And inside the black box? a black velvet bag (and a little plastic bag). 20150202_EC_OpenedBox2

I pulled the collar out of the bag and immediately noticed the shininess. My old one had aquired a “brushed” look over the years, as i wear it with the D/O ring.20150202_EC_OpenedBox20150202_EC_Contents

The little plastic bag contained the hex key and two extra screws. The hex key is a nice improvement over the old ‘L’ key. While inspecting the collar i found Eternity’s mark:


20150202_EC_MakersMarkThe new collar is a little thinner and is lighter even though it’s a larger circumference.

Old New
Circumference 16.5 in  18.5 in
 Mass  245 grams  200 grams
 Thickness  ~0.373 in ~0.314 in

Here are some comparison photos:






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