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Shadowforge is Open for Business.


Shadowforge Farrier & Tack Supply* is open for business.

Shadowforge Etsy Storefront

The goal of my store is to sell ponyplay gear that i create.

Right now, i am selling Braided Cord Bridles.  i decided to make these bridles to sell to people that want low-priced custom ponyplay tack.

In the future i hope to offer other specialty items like hoof mitts and boots (hopefully).

Review: Ponyplay Hoof Foot Binders

Item: Ponyplay Hoof Foot Binders
Manufacturer: Unknown

While waiting for my Sinvention Pony Point Trainers, i decided to see what other options for foot trainers were available.  i found some “Ponyplay Hoof Foot Binders” from bdsm-gear(dot)com.  At ~$40, I decided to order pair.

They arrived in a timely manner in discrete packaging.  They look as shown on their website.  They are faux leather. The material is thin and bends easily. The locks are not secure.


i put them on and tightened the straps as much as i could.

“These foot binders keep the wearer on their toes at all times.”


As for keeping me on my toes, they failed.  i could stand with most of my foot on the ground. The material bent and creased. The only thing keeping my whole foot off of the ground was the buckle under my heel (standing on it is uncomfortable).

i do not reccomend this item due to is failure to do it function.  i think that i can make a similar functional item if i take my $40 to my local leather supply store. Maybe i try it.

For more images of this product, please go to my flickr page here:

Shadowfax’s Flickr

Shadowfax’s Flickr

There’s no photos yet, but here’s my flickr page.

New to blogging.

Hi. Just so i can say i did something:

i decided to start this blog to archive my experiences in a new endeavor.

“Ponyplay is a form of human animal role play that draws on multiple elements of BDSM and often includes both obvious (e.g. restraints, bits (type of gag), harnesses, etc.) and more subtle forms of domination and submission.” cpony (

i’ll type more when i untangle my thoughts.  Hopefully this is sooner rather than later.